“SLEEVE BAG '' is named after the kimono’s sleeve (tamoto) as both share the same flat shape.

The item was born by giving tenugui (hand towel) an alternative use, while also allowing those unfamiliar with the cloth, an opportunity to experience the texture of tenugui in having it as a casual bag. Along with this there was a desire to produce an item without material waste while conveying the importance of cherishing an item just as in the olden days.


The “SLEEVE BAG" is made from HIROCOLEDGE's original tenugui which is dyed by a traditional Japanese technique called "chusen".
The shape of the bag is created by simply sewing together the sides in straight lines without cutting any fabric away. It has no buttons or other attachments so it can easily be unstitched and be used as a rag cloth when worn out, then disposed of as burnables.

The fabric dries fast and can be neatly folded to fit into a pocket. Also useful as a handkerchief.

* HIROCOLEDGE tenugui are dyed with "Naniwa dyeing" technique (chusen), which was recognized as a national traditional craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in November 2019.

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