The Edo folding fan was said to be born during the 17th century’s Edo period from the samurai culture principle of living in simplicity with frugality. It consists of few sticks and has no eye-catching decorative attachment creating a beautiful sleek folded form.


The sticks made of bamboo are smooth to the touch. A desire comes to continually open and close the fan when in hand. The pleasant snap that can be heard when closing the fan is a quality in itself.

The folding fan was generally seen as an accessory for the summer but today it is appropriate all year round.
The fan being made of natural materials prevents the paper creases from loosening and the sticks from deforming due to fluctuation in humidity and temperature.

The geometric pattern of circles and straight lines of HIROCOLEDGE’s EDO FOLDING FANs are fitting for any season too.

With a kimono outfit, it can be slided into the obi-belt as a functional and visual accessory.

HIROCOLEDGE EDO FOLDING FAN is unisex and comes in two sizes.
The large size is suitable for those who prefer more wind power. The smaller size can be for those who want it compact for easy mobility as it can be placed inside a small bag or in a men’s shirt or suit breast pocket.

The Edo folding fan is made by inserting each of the bamboo sticks between three-layer-structured Japanese paper, washi.

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