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The Edo folding hand fan was born in the Edo period from a samurai culture. It features minimal bone panels and no bold decoration which creates a beautiful form when folded.

The fan smoothly opens and closes thanks to the bamboo bone which creates a smooth texture, and also creates a distinct sound when it snaps close.

The folding fans have been a common summer season accessory but today the fans are used all year round. The geometric pattern of circles and straight lines is designed for all seasons too.

It also fits as an accessory in the kimono’s obi-belt.

HIROCOLEDGE Edo folding fans come in two sizes and is designed for unisex.
The large size is suitable for those who prefer more wind power and the smaller size for those who want to carry it around as it fits inside a small bag and men’s shirt pocket.

The Edo folding fan is created by inserting bamboo bones one by one between three layer structured washi (Japanese paper).

For care, we advise to keep the fan secure with the attached paper band when not in use for a prolonged period.

The fan is made of natural bamboo and paper which prevents the paper creasing and bone deforming from humidity and change in temperature.

Traditional Japanese craftsmanship and ways of use are packed with wisdom to coexist with nature and its four seasons.

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