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Water uchiwa (fan) is a traditional craft made by pasting a very thin colored handmade Japanese paper (ganpishi) on the bamboo bones of the fan and then applying a natural varnish. The washi paper is produced in Mino, Gifu prefecture which boasts a 1300 years history.
The name “Water Fan” comes from the transparent water like appearance and also in the past it was used to cool off by fanning the moist fan to generate vaporization heat.
The water uchiwa, which was created with great care and effort. In the past it was so popular it was hard to obtain.
There are three patterns:

ROCK: The front pattern is printed with black ink and back is printed with a dot pattern in opaque white ink.

REN: Made by pasting handmade openwork Japanese paper dyed with indigo-dyed mulberry fiber, which is the raw material, on the surface with varnish. The back pattern is printed on the border of opaque white ink. These are designed to show the transparency of the fan.

RINKA: Printed in bright fluorescent pink ink. This color was born at the request of Mr. Ieda Paper Works. Hiroko Takahashi sees the color fluorescent pink to reflect the modern age and incorporates the color in her work. If the technique and the materials used by the craftsmen can express the fluorescent pink color, then by using this color it brings a new twist.

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