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Lime green

Please choose your desired product from the list below.

  M L



It is a made-to-order item that is tailored after receiving an order.
Orders made by the 10th of every month will be shipped by the end of the following month.

Examples of shipping data
- Orders from November 1st to November 10th → Shipped around the end of December
- Orders from November 11th to December 10th → Shipped around the end of January

* It is not possible to specify a delivery date.
* Please note that other items you ordered at the same time will also be shipped together.
* If you would like to receive other items as soon as possible, please separate them from this item and order.

- Unisex and unique pattern
- Yukata fabric dyed by a traditional Japanese method called “chusen”
- Straight and rational structure that does not waste material like kimonos
- Wide collar can be arranged to your liking
- Front pocket×2
- Belt loops on both sides
- Belt with HIROCOLEDGE logo
- Made in Japan

*Male model 171cm / Size M
*Female model 162cm / Size M

SIZE (may slightly differ)

- Size M
Body length:110cm
Shoulder and arm length:77cm
Arm hole opening:33cm
Collar width:19cm
Belt length:180cm

- Size L
Body length:120cm
Shoulder and arm length:86cm
Arm hole opening:36cm
Collar width:19cm
Belt length:180cm


100% cotton


- As it is hand-dyed by a craftsperson each one comes out displaying unique qualities where there may be cases of slight blurs or smudges.
- Since this is a semi-custom made product that is tailored after receiving an order, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's circumstances such as incorrect size.
- The pattern is different for each finished size.
- There may be slight differences in the final dimensions of the garment due to the elasticity of the fabric.
- This is hand washable but if you are worried, leave it to a specialty store.
- If you wash it at home, please wash separately with a neutral detergent as color may transfer onto other items, then shape it up and dry it in the shade.
- Please note that depending on the frequency of wash and the type of detergent used the color may fade.
- After washing there may be slight shrinkage due to the fabric’s properties.
- Do not leave soaked or wet as the color may run onto the white space.
- Water, sweat, and strong friction can result in color fading and color staining.
- Please note that storage in a place exposed to direct sunlight may cause sunburn or discoloration.