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  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
  • H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...
H0445 AIZUMOMEN MASK M / L  //...


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Size M, a size slightly smaller than Size L (our regular adult size) is now available. Compare with a mask that you already have to choose one that best fits you.A size smaller than Size M for children is available in FACE MASK for KIDS.

*The 3rd and 4th images are from the top Size L, M and kids size.

・Two-layered, pleated Aizumomen (cotton) mask
・Fabric becomes softer with use
・Filter insertion possible
・Pocket for nose wire included
・Soft color
・Fabric becomes softer with use
・Possible to insert filter etc.
・Nose wire pocket
・Elasticated strap (like in swimwear) used
・Made in Japan


・Size M
Height 8.5cm (When pleats are flattened 14cm)
Width 18cm
Strap length 30cm

・Size L
Height  8.5cm (When pleats are flattened 15cm)
Width 20cm
Strap length 30cm


100% cotton
Strap  80% nylon, 20% polyurethane


・This item is not for medical use nor certified
・Aizumomen is typically characterized by a yarn-dyed striped pattern, but this is a rare Aizumomen woven with only unbleached cotton
・As natural unbleached cotton is used there are little dark bits (cotton plant residue) in the fabric. There will be less of them after each wash
Considering the material shrinkage properties and for hygiene purposes, the fabric has been washed before manufacturing
・We wash before manufacturing for hygiene and material shrinkage reasons.
・Please purchase with the understanding of the material’s characteristics and item
・Does not include a filter or a nose wire
・Straps can be adjusted and tied to a desired comfortable length, or the straps can be replaced with your favorite elastic tape, band or string
・As a traditional hand dyeing method (chusen) is used there may be cases of slight blurs or smudges
・Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be slight difference in the size of the item


・Wash item before first use
・Highly advised that the item be hand washed separately with a neutral pH detergent
・Dry item in shade and kept in form in its original shape
・Do not leave soaked or wet as color will run onto the white parts
・Color may fade depending on the detergent type and frequency of wash
・May shrink slightly after wash


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100×35 TOTE BAG

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