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  • H0101 EBA KIMONO for MEN [ 006...
  • H0101 EBA KIMONO for MEN [ 006...
H0101 EBA KIMONO for MEN [ 006...
H0101 EBA KIMONO for MEN [ 006...

H0101 EBA KIMONO for MEN [ 006 ]

Body Height
    WaistMeasure around the widest part of your waist and hip area.

      It is a made-to-order item that is tailored after receiving an order.
      (Delivery time is about 2 month ~)

      * It is not possible to specify a delivery date.
      * Please note that other items you ordered at the same time will also be shipped together.
      * If you would like to receive other items as soon as possible, please separate them from this item and order.

      - Unisex and unique graphic
      - Digital dyeing method that can accurately represent the graphic of circles and straight lines
      - Japanese tailored technique by hand
      - made in Japan

      *“Eba” is not a repetitive pattern, but a big pattern that is connected across the seams like one picture.


      Outside:100% silk
      Inside:100% silk

      FOR MEN
      - Since this is a semi-custom made product that is tailored after receiving an order, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's circumstances such as incorrect size.
      - Because all sizes are made from the same length of fabric, please understand in advance that the graphic may move over at the side seams and the sholder seams depending on the size.
      - If you have your kimono measurement chart and want to make your own size kimono or yukata, please contact us.
      - In the case of kimono or yukata for men regardless of the size, there will be a part of the garment sewn-in to adjust the length at the waist.
      - There may be cases where some of the dimensions shown in the size chart are not typical numbers. This is due to the width of the fabric and the need to adjust and align the dyed patterns.
      - There may be slight differences in the final dimensions of the garment due to the elasticity of the fabric.
      - Do not wet it.
      - Please leave the care to a specialty store.
      - Protect from direct sunlight which can lead products to be burned or discolored.