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  • JINBEI FOR KIDS 120 [ EN ]  //...
  • JINBEI FOR KIDS 120 [ EN ]  //...
JINBEI FOR KIDS 120 [ EN ]  //...
JINBEI FOR KIDS 120 [ EN ]  //...


Powder blue
- Japanese traditional clothing worn casually in the summer
- Dyed by a traditional Japanese method called “chusen”
- The best cotton fabric for summer
- Simple color and pattern that enhances the cuteness of children.
- V-neck at wrap front with side-ties
- Elasticized waist at pants
- Made in Japan

SIZE (may slightly differ)

- Size 120
body:length 49cm
shoulder and arm length:28.5cm


100% cotton


- As it is hand-dyed by a craftsperson each one comes out displaying unique qualities where there may be cases of slight blurs or smudges.
- Especially with JINBEI of dark or rich colors, the color may transfer onto other clothing in rubbing against each another. It is recommended that such a JINBEI is washed once before wearing.
- Please note that depending on the frequency of wash and the type of detergent used the color may fade.
- Hand wash recommended with a neutral detergent.
- Shape it up and dry it in the shade.
- Please wash separately as color may transfer onto other items.
- Do not leave soaked or wet as the color may run onto the white space.
- After washing there may be slight shrinkage.
- The pattern is different for each product.
- Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be some errors in the size of the product.