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  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
  • H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy
H0300 100x35 [ 004 ] // Navy

H0300 100x35 [ 004 ]

Do you need a petit gift-wrapping? *
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  • YES(+$1.65)
*A petit gift-wrapping is available for this item.
If you don't need petit gift wrapping, please make sure to select "No" before adding the item to your cart. (If you don't select this option, you will not be able to add the item to your cart.

For more information, please see the end of the item details below.
Also we offer you other wrapping options.

- Japanese traditional lifestyle tool (Tenugui is a Japanese multi-use cloth.)
- Dyed by a traditional Japanese method called “chusen”
- Can be used to wipe as towels, handkerchieves or kitchen towels
- Can be worn over the head or about the neck like scarves as fashion items
- Made in Japan

HIROCOLEDGE100×35 is a 'tenugui'. The tenugui, while being a rectangular piece of cloth can be used to wipe, cover, wrap; it is a Japanese traditional lifestyle tool handed down from the Edo period (1603-1867) where its function can be determined by its user. Super absorbent, the roughly woven fabric dries fast and its unstitched ends is advantageous as it prevents bacteria growth.

SIZE (may slightly differ)



100% cotton


- As it is hand-dyed by a craftsperson each one comes out displaying unique qualities where there may be cases of slight blurs or smudges.
- Hand wash recommended with a neutral detergent.
- Shape it up and dry it in the shade.
- The color may fade depending on the frequency of washing and the type of detergent.
- Wash separately as color may transfer onto other items.
- Do not leave soaked or wet as the color may run onto the white space.
- After washing there may be slight shrinkage.
- Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be some errors in the size of the product.

About Petit gift-wrapping

We’ll make sure to receive something very special by wrapping your items by our signature petit gift-wrapping.
It comes with the HIROCOLEDGE’s original paper bag printed our iconic graphics and accented with a neon pink sticker.

[Products subject to petit gift wrapping]
- 100×35
- 100×35 TOTE BAG

If you would like each item to be wrapped separately, please select the【YES (+$1.65)】option when you order the item to be wrapped and add it to the cart.
Up to two of the above product items (excluding hand towel) in any combination can be wrapped in a single paper bag.

Example )
If you would like 2 items to be gift-wrapped in one package together;
Add the first item to the cart with the【YES (+$1.65)】option.

Add the second item to the cart with the【NO】option.

Give us the details ( for example, petit gift-wrap the face mask and the origami together) in the “Comments” column in “ Shipping & payment options” during the order process.

*Please note that you cannot use a petit gift-wrapping with items other than the above listed items.
*Gift-wrapping for our items which the petit gift-wrapping is unavailable is available on the GIFT-WRAPPING page.