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Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Administration supervisory manager
Yusuke Nakamura
4-11-2 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0002, Japan
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Of other than product price Necessary rate
Fees at the time of consumption tax/delivery to home fee/payment/Custom duties
Payment method
We pay in bank transfer/credit settlement/Paypal payment
※ Bank transfer becomes product Shipping after confirming payment. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Delivery time of products
Without after the payment transaction for the item is confirmed, shipment will be made within 5 business days.
We will send you a shipping notification e-mail after we have shipped the item. If the item still has not arrived one week after the shipping notification, please contact us via the "Inquiries" page.
Exchange and Refund
1. Exchange and refund for defective products
Please confirm the item for sure when it is delivered.

We refund you when we are out of exchangeable stock.

If you want exchange or refund, please inform us with the description of defectives and item images via e-mail within 7 days after delivery. We will inform you the specified shipping address after we confirm the image.

We appreciate you for sending back the defective products by freight collect.

*In case of credit payment, you once get withdrawal from your account due to cutoff date, however you get a refund from credit company on the cutoff date next month or the month after next. *Please note that we might decline to accept the returned item without contact in advance.

Defective product is as follows:
-Damaged or dirty items. However we do not accept returned items in the case of follows.
-when contact period for defective items (within 7 days after item is delivered) has expired
-used items
-items whose scratch or damage is made.
-items processed or reworked.

2. Exchange and refund due to customer's personal preferences
We afraid that we do not accept exchange or refund due to customer's personal preferences for example; the size does not match, the item is not what you had in your mind or you ordered wrongly. *Please not in advance that hand-made items might have slightly different patterns, colorings and sizes from the item images.
*We accept returned items only when the item is defective products or the item is wrongly delivered.
*The coloring of the images might be different from the actual product based on the settings of your computer monitor. Please note this in advance.