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GIFT-WRAPPING will be free of charge from 11/27/2021 (SAT) to 12/26/2021 (SUN).
Please take this opportunity to use it with that precious someone in mind, as a thank-you or even a reward for yourself.

  • - Does not apply to Petit gift-wrapping or Original wooden box options.
  • - This gift-wrapping is available for all items.
  • - The gift-wrapping materials are not available for sale on their own. 
  • - Depending on the shape of the item, the gift-wrapping may differ from the image shown.
  • - If you would like to send the item(s) as a gift directly to a recipient, we will include the delivery statement of the gift item without the price.
  • - If you would like to include a message to the recipient on the delivery statement, please request so and type the message in the “Comments” box in “Shipping & payment options” during the checkout process.