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15th Anniversary Campaign

To express our gratitude to you we are pleased to present our 15th Anniversary Campaign

For those who purchase $100 or more at HIROCOLEDGE TOKYO STORE/OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE, a "15th Anniversary limited 100×35 (tenugui)" will be added to your delivery as a gift.

*Color and pattern cannot be selected 

For all orders received from 11/27/2021 (SAT) until 12/26/2021 (SUN) .

For all orders received from 12/3/2021 (FRI) until 12/26/2021 (SUN) .

HIROCOLEDGE and TAKAHASHIHIROKO INC. will celebrate their 15th anniversary on 12/8/2021(WED).

HIROCOLEDGE Co., Ltd. (est. 2006) was renamed TAKAHASHIHIROKO INC. in 2013. The brand has operated out of its creative studio and Tokyo flagship for seven years.

We are deeply grateful for your years of support and will continue to create inspirational items that blend modern aesthetics with Japanese practical craftsmanship.

Thank you.