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"100×35(手ぬぐい)・SLEEVE BAG・JINBEI for BABY/KIDS" These goods (tenugui, sleeve bag, and jinbei) are dyed by the traditional Japanese method called Chusen. This is one of many old Japanese techniques used to dye fabric and tenugui; by pouring dye within a frame, made of repelling paste outlined by a hand-carved pattern paper, Chusen is also called the pouring technique in Japanese. One distinctive feature of the Chusen technique is that, unlike print, both sides of the fabric are dyed. Differences in temperature and humidity when dying are what causes differences in colour of the fabric. This is also what leads to different stoles having differences in colour fading when washing, but at the same time we hope you enjoy the ageing of the fabric in the same way Chusen technique allowed in older Japan. * Deep colours fade faster with friction, and can sometimes migrate to other fabrics, bags, and chairs. * We recommend washing once before using, due to colour migration. * Please be careful - colour fade decreases as wash numbers increases, but using the stole for a long time, high temperatures, humidity and friction can cause the stole to colour migrate on white and grey fabrics. COTTON STOLE Since the stoles are hand-dyed, there may be slight variation in colour and shape. Please be careful of colour changes and colour migration with washing - either place in washing net, handwash, or wash separately. * We recommend laying flat in the shade to dry after towel dry. Please do not leave it wet or put in drier. * Please be careful not to get the stole caught in accessories, nails, and metal fittings on bags. KELP STOLE Due to the nature of the material used, long use and friction may cause small furballs to appear. Please be careful not to get the stole caught in accessories, nails, and metal fittings on bags. The stole may be washed at home (please use neutral detergent). With the folds in its correct shape and position, carefully handwash, remove water within a towel, and lay flat in the shade to dry. "博多織帯・リネンシルク帯" Water, sweat, and strong friction can result in colour fading. Please consult a stain removal specialist in case of staining. "レザー製品" Since natural materials are being used, there may be small discrepancies in colour and shape. There may be wear and tear from excessive friction and use. By placing the zipper on the centre, the inner fastener of the long wallet does not contact with the outer fastener, which allows for smooth opening and closing of the wallet. TABLE LIGHT The shade portion, made of Pachica paper, is extremely sensitive. Please be careful when removing and using the shade. "今治ジャガードタオル" To preserve the water absorbancy and softness inherent in cotton, we have made this towel to prevent as much as possible its hardening, even without using softeners when washing in the washing machine. Since softeners reduct water absorbency, please refrain from using softeners until you feel the towel has hardened and enjoy its natural texture. Please cut any loose threads instead of pulling it. EDOSENSE Since this edo-sensu is made by paper and bamboo from natural materials, please use the paper stopper that comes with the edo-sensu or equivalent when not utilizing for a long time. The paper and bamboo skeleton are especially sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and placing the stopper helps prevent damage to the edo-sensu. The edo-sensu is not waterproof, so please be careful not to expose to it to water. MIZUUCHIWA This uchiwa is strong against water, but may become cloudy or erode if left for long time in water. Please be careful as the organic varnish on the surface of the uchiwa dissolves in alcohol. PIERCED CHANDELIER EARRINGS If there is any allergic reaction or does not suit your skin, please stop using the earrings and consult your dermatologist. Please be careful as the hook is also extremely sensitive and can change shape even by just getting caught in hair. LADDERS MUG This mug is not heat-resistant, so please refrain from directly putting it on the heat or oven. Also not compatible in the microwave and dishwasher.

Please be careful, since fire and soot can stain walls and ceilings. Please do not light this candle close to flammable objects, windy locations, and close to objects that may fall. Do not leave the fire unattended.

* This good is not edible. * Please refrain from leaving this candle in direct sunlight, high humidity, and within reach of children. * Please refrain from keeping the candle lit for over 3 hours. * Please do not touch the wax or the container while in use or right after use, since both will be really hot. * Since the temperature of the container also rises while the candle is lit, please do not put the container on top of TVs or objects that melt easily. We recommend putting a non-flammable surface below the container.